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Institute of Life Science
Swansea University
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The company successfully completed a £1m Series A round in early 2010 to secure its formation and progress initial design ideas. Today it is currently backed by the venture capital organizations Longbow Capital and Finance Wales, following the completion in February 2012 of the Series B round and its extension in 2014.
In early 2013 Calon benefitted from £1.66m TSB Biomedical Catalyst Award to develop it novel discriminating in vitro assays and is pursuing further grant funding to refine its bearing designs.
Calon completed a £2.5m Series C funding round in mid 2015 and welcomed new investment from Envestors, Wren Capital and Syndicate Room that has enabled the company to progress the MiniVAD into confirmatory animal studies and system design freeze. Calon is currently progressing a Series D funding round, seeking £12.5m, to undertake GLP animal studies, First in Human clinical trials, fit out a final assembly facility and enhance the management team.


Calon has assembled a first class team with world leading expertise in the areas required to deliver the next generation implantable blood pump and associated control system. 

Based on the clnical experience of leading cardiac surgeon Professor Stephen Westaby, Calon established itself in Swansea under the guidance of Professor Marc Clement in 2007. Currently lead by Chief Executive Officer Simon Cartmell, an experienced medical device entrepreneur, Calon has brought together expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, device and component testing, world class manufacturing and a series of first class regulatory, quality, clinical and market advisers.


It is a one product company Mini VAD a miniature implantable blood pump, is being developed for the treatment of advanced chronic heart failure. The Company’s intent is to apply novel technology and design to produce a VAD with clear advantages over existing approaches including less invasive surgery, low blood damage, reduced thrombus formation and a control system optimized for quality of life.
Calon intends to provide a lower cost attractive alternative to existing technologies and medical treatments. The MiniVADTM is being developed for implantation directly into the left ventricle of the failing heart to help provide adequate blood supply to the body, alleviate the debilitating symptoms of heart failure and improve quality of life. The purpose of this novel technology development programme is to slow or halt heart failure disease progression.

Driven by an embedded electric motor and powered by a compact wearable battery pack, the MiniVADTM is being designed to allow users considerable independence. The control system is being designed to be simple to use and easy to manage. The MiniVADTM incorporates many novel design features including:
It has an optimized overall layout that helps produce a very small overall size and weight for ergonomic placement in the heart and chest cavity
A novel blood flow path design that is intended to reduce the risk of blood damage and thrombus formation
The pump is near silent and vibration free in operation
The manufacturing and assembly methods are highly novel to substantially reduce manufacturing costs