Save More Than $8,000 Per Patient Annually are Geneia’s Study Findings thanks to Remote Patient Monitoring Could

The results of a year-long remote patient monitoring pilot from Geneia LLC (Geneia), an analytics and technology leader in transforming healthcare delivery, yielded a savings of $8,375 per monitored patient annually, which, for a typical one-million-member health plan could translate into about $1.1 million saved each year.

A remote patient monitoring pilot reported average annual per person savings of $8,375. Acute hospital admissions were 45% lower for those being monitored remotely, which included a 34% reduction in heart failure related acute hospital admissions. The monitored group had a 65% reduction in acute hospitalizations compared to a 21% reduction among a matched control group.

Geneia’s @Home remote patient monitoring program, powered by ZephyrLIFETM technology, is a 24x7x365 solution that helps chronically ill patients and their providers better understand, monitor and manage their health. The program combines predictive analytics, state-of-the-art technology and in-home clinical support to identify chronically ill patients most likely to participate in and benefit from the program. It then supports them through personalized care planning to improve health outcomes.

The pilot study compared the experience of Capital BlueCross members diagnosed with heart failure (HF), who enrolled and actively participated in the home remote monitoring program, to a control group of non-monitored Capital BlueCross members with statistically similar pre-program risk score