$12 Million investment for Endotronix on Wireless Heart Monitoring

CEO Harry Rowland from Endotronix said in a statement. “We look forward to advancing our clinical program with proactive heart failure management that simplifies at-home care and improves patient outcomes.”

Endotronix aims to improve patient care and reduce the cost of treating patients with heart failure by giving doctors a heads up about changes in blood pressure as soon as they arise. In a release issued at the time of its Series C, the company cited a 2011 study that found a significant reduction in hospitalizations from heart failure after adopting such real-time monitoring technologies. Heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalization for Americans over 65.

Endotronix was founded in 2007 by a cardiothoracic surgeon, the technology combines a cloud-based patient management system and an implantable pulmonary artery sensor for improved outpatient hemodynamic management. The Endotronix end-to-end solution is designed to reduce the frequency and length of hospitalizations for the over 23 million people worldwide suffering from HF.

Source: chicago and various