Brain Pacemakers May Improve Brain Disorders and Patients’ Quality of Life

Doctors open the skull and implant electrical leads into brain tissue and connect the wires into a small device that transmits small amounts of electricity, this procedure is called deep brain stimulation (DBS). Deep brain stimulation is able to benefit patients with neurological disosders such as the Parkinson’s disease.
Involuntary shaking or tremors can be lessened or completely removed by undergoing this procedure. In addition, there is a chance for patients to walk and talk normally.
DBS operates is a kind of brain pacemaker, than can block irregular signals coming from the damaged brain cells and return to the natural rhythm of the brain.

The surgeon makes a hole patients skull and electrical leads are implanted into the tissue of the brain. The wires pass from patient’s ears, down the neck, and in front of the chest. A brain pacemaker, big as a watch, connects all these wires and releases a regulated quantity of electricity. From the wires to the generator, all of these are located underneath the skin.

DBS is innovative and manufactures such as Abbott via St Jude acquisition , Medtronic are developing this technology after a series of approvals.