Rolling Stone star Mick Jagger to boost transluminal valves industry post successful procedure

Mick Jagger successful heart procedure may expand for device makers that manufacture minimum invasive heart valve used in his intervention.

MedTech companies may see a boost in demand and awareness after the 75-year-old. Jagger’s procedure will likely raise awareness of aortic stenosis and potentially lead to more TAVR procedures which should benefit the TAVR manufacturers. The valves used in this TAVR (transluminal aortic valve replacement) procedure account for 61 percent of Edwards’ revenue, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, and represent a massive market. Goldman Sachs wrote in a research note last month that it expects the world-wide opportunity to top $10 billion in revenue by 2025. These percutaneous valve replacements have already shagged out many treatment paradigms and it is expected to continue to impact how heart valve disease is treated in the future.  .